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  1. NDSS
    What You See is Not What the Network Infers: Detecting Adversarial Examples Based on Semantic Contradiction
    Yang, Yijun, Gao, Ruiyuan, Li, Yu, Lai, Qiuxia, and Xu, Qiang
    In Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS) 2022
  2. ICLR
    T-WaveNet: A Tree-Structured Wavelet Neural Network for Time Series Signal Analysis
    Liu, Minhao, Zeng, Ailing, Lai, Qiuxia, Gao, Ruiyuan, Li, Min, Qin, Jing, and Xu, Qiang
    In The Tenth International Conference on Learning Representations 2022


  1. arXiv
    MixDefense: A Defense-in-Depth Framework for Adversarial Example Detection Based on Statistical and Semantic Analysis
    Yang, Yijun, Gao, Ruiyuan, Li, Yu, Lai, Qiuxia, and Xu, Qiang
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2104.10076 2021
  2. arXiv
    Hop-Aware Dimension Optimization for Graph Neural Networks
    Zeng, Ailing, Liu, Minhao, Liu, Zhiwei, Gao, Ruiyuan, and Xu, Qiang
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2105.14490 2021
  3. CCGrid
    PriPro: Towards Effective Privacy Protection on Edge-Cloud System running DNN Inference
    Gao, Ruiyuan, Yang, Hailong, Huang, Shaohan, Dun, Ming, Li, Mingzhen, Luan, Zerong, Luan, Zhongzhi, and Qian, Depei
    In 2021 IEEE/ACM 21st International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Internet Computing (CCGrid) 2021
  4. TCYB
    ModuleNet: Knowledge-Inherited Neural Architecture Search.
    Chen, Yaran, Gao, Ruiyuan, Liu, Fenggang, and Zhao, Dongbin
    IEEE transactions on cybernetics 2021


  1. TNNLS
    Boost 3-D Object Detection via Point Clouds Segmentation and Fused 3-D GIoU-L_1 Loss
    Chen, Yaran, Li, Haoran, Gao, Ruiyuan, and Zhao, Dongbin
    IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems 2020


  1. arXiv
    Privacy for Rescue: A New Testimony Why Privacy is Vulnerable In Deep Models
    Gao, Ruiyuan, Dun, Ming, Yang, Hailong, Luan, Zhongzhi, and Qian, Depei
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2001.00493 2019